Plated Formal Menu

A selection of immaculately presented formal dishes served at the table by our professional waiting staff.


3-cheese and tomato tartlet
A short crust pastry case filled with a marinated slice of beef tomato
Topped with Camembert, goats’ cheese and Brie served with a sweet tomato vinaigrette

Garlic, lemon and thyme king prawns
King prawns sautéed with garlic, lemon and thyme served on a nest of fresh herb salad

Crumpet and cream cheese tower
A soft toasted crumpet piled with garlic cream cheese, seared peppers, sum blushed tomatoes, olives and pesto

Warm smoked chicken and bacon salad
A bed of baby leaves topped with warm chicken and crisp Smokey bacon in a rich dressing garnished with herb croutons


Asparagus and prosciutto salad
Asparagus spears served with slices of prosciutto on a winter salad drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and sprinkled with toasted pine nuts

Thai prawns in a Filo pastry cup
Prawns marinated with chilli, coriander and lime served in a Filo pastry basket served with a spicy coconut coulis

Salmon and smoked trout roulade
Salmon mousse wrapped with smoked trout served with dill salsa

Oriental duck and pancakes
A julienne salad of pink duck, cucumber, carrot and spring onion bound with hoi sin and ginger served on Chinese pancakes


Organic venison casserole
A rich casserole of venison marinated in red wine herbs served with leeky mash potato and served with roasted winter vegetables

Soy marinated duck breast
Caramelised duck breast with sesame stir fry vegetables and egg noodles

Thai chicken and sweet chilli vegetables
Chicken breast in a Thai green curry sauce served with a medley of rice, sweet chilli and coriander vegetables

Beef fillet with a red wine jus
Rare fillet of beef with a red wine jus, roasted red onions and sweet potato mash

Baked tuna with lime, basil and garlic
Fillet of fresh tuna roasted with basil, lime and garlic served on a warm rocket salad with roasted new potatoes

Chicken and olive focaccia tower
Slices of chicken breast layered with smoked bacon, pesto and sun blushed tomatoes sandwiched in olive focaccia drizzled with a chilli mayonnaise dressing and served with roasted Anya potatoes

Wild mushroom and Gruyere choux buns
A choux bun filled with wild mushroom and Gruyere duxcelle served with a red onion and balsamic vinegar chutney on a warm green salad

Lamb fillet in a red current and port jus
Roasted lamb fillet served with a rich red current and port jus accompanied by a dauphinoise potato tower, haricots vert and cherry tomatoes


Trio of chocolate cups on a vanilla anglaise

Lime and coconut tart on a raspberry coulis

Fruit brulee

Tart au citron on a strawberry coulis

Sticky toffee Pavlova sprinkled with cashew praline

Pecan pie

Chocolate and baileys roulade

Orange and contreau mousse in a dark chocolate shell on a bitter chocolate sauce